A new planet (PDS 70b) is creating, NASA shared the picture

This exoplanet, called PDS 70b, is forming around a new star.

How was the planet formed? There is no clear evidence of that. The earth has a history of creation. There is also scientific evidence. But has anyone seen a planet being created right in front of your eyes? This time the countrymen witnessed such a scene thanks to NASA. NASA’s Hubble Telescope has shared images of a large planet(PDS 70b) like Jupiter.


NASA has shared a picture of an exoplanet that is being made outside the solar system. This exoplanet, called PDS 70b, is forming around a new star. According to the US space agency, a young planet is being created. Trying to be in its current form. The images shared by NASA show an electric spark emanating from a red, hot planet. There is a blue ring around it.

It was as if he had surrounded himself with a tube to protect himself from the outside. According to NASA, this is exactly the way the planet was formed 4.6 billion years before the Sun.

PDS 70b shows how a planet is made of different things. This entire system – the exoplanet and the young star – is located 360 light-years from Earth. NASA says more than 4,000 exoplanets have been identified so far. However, about 15 of them have been seen only with the help of direct telescopes.

But these planets are so far away and so small that they look like a dot in the picture. But scientists say Hubble’s new strategy could open up a whole new dimension to research. Brendon Bowler of the University of Texas at Austin said, “This planetary system gave us the opportunity to witness for the first time how the planets were formed. Our results have opened a new direction for this study. ”