Alien! L radio signals from a planet a few light-years away, scientists claim


Are people lonely in this universe? Is there no vibration of life anywhere except the earth? This question is not of today. Satyajit Ray has researched it with Professor Shanku. Renowned professors also sensed their existence. He is confined to the pages of the book. In reality, the answer remains unknown. This time maybe that wait is over. A team of researchers has claimed that a radio signal has come from a planet outside the solar system. They claim that the signal came from a distance of 51 light years.

Alien L radio signals

The study was published within the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics. The signal was intercepted by a radio reflector within the Netherlands. Researchers claim that the signal came from an enormous gas-rich planet within the distant Tau Butes constellation. However, radio signals are reported not only from that planet but also from two other regions of space. Researchers at Cornell University within us have also received signals from a constellation called Cancer and therefore the constellation Epsilon Andromeda. But according to them, the most significant of these is the signal received from the planet Tau Butes.

According to one of the researchers, Jake D. Turner, this signal is giving a replacement direction to the research on the look for life outside the system. a better check out the planet’s magnetic flux reveals its inner character and therefore the elements of the atmosphere.

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Incidentally, the connection of the magnetic flux to the matter of the likelihood of life on any planet is extremely important. Earth’s magnetic flux protects him from the grip of solar radiation . As a result, a favorable living environment has been created there. In the same way, Turner thinks that the planet’s magnetic field may be helping them to survive the solar wind and cosmic rays. If that is true, then the existence of life on this planet will not seem impossible in the future. Like Shanku, the world will also feel their vibration.


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