How long will people live on Mars?

Efforts are underway to send people to Mars within the next decade. But the question is, how long will people be able to stay there? U.S. researchers have calculated that, given the hostile environment of Mars and the infrastructure built there, humans will gradually die after only 7 days. AFP recently released a report on this.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have studied the possibility of human habitation on Mars.
Five MIT researchers have considered the feasibility of a project adopted by Mars One, a space research institute in the Netherlands. They claim that the habitat to be built on Mars will become dangerous at some point as oxygen levels begin to rise and more new technologies will be needed to live there permanently.

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Since 2024, Mars One, a private space research organization in the Netherlands, has been working on plans to build a colony or infrastructure for permanent residence on Mars. They plan to send people there through a one-way operation. In other words, after building the infrastructure on Mars, they will get people there. Then those who go there will have to fight to survive. They will be given the necessary supplies for a while. Two people will be sent there each time and necessary supplies will be provided.

Meanwhile, MIT researchers have studied whether Mars One’s plan is realistic. They claim that unfavorable living conditions for humans on Mars and the current limitations of technology will make this mission impossible.
MIT researchers fear that the fate of the first man to live on Mars will be decided in a maximum of seven days.

Alyssa will be the first astronaut! In a 35-page report, researchers analyzed the oxygen, food and technology created in the project. They say the amount of oxygen that plants will grow in the colony to produce oxygen and food on Mars is not safe and could cause an explosion. In this case, it would be necessary to create an oxygen emission system, but no such system has yet been developed in spacecraft or tested in an alien environment.

The biggest problem with this campaign will be the necessary spare parts. It will be most difficult to supply the spare parts needed to survive on Mars. It will take more than seven months to reach Mars. It will cost more than four and a half crore to supply the necessary logistics and equipment.

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However, MIT researchers believe that this fear is unfounded by Mars One project entrepreneur Bass Lansdrop. He claims that there is something wrong with this study. He has undertaken this project in consultation with experts in various fields. However, he said that the supply of spare parts is a problem.
“The main challenge for Mars One is to keep things going,” Bass told Lansdrop Popular Science magazine in an interview.

“MIT researchers have used incomplete data,” Lansdrop told AFP. Mars One is fully prepared for the project to build a civilization. “He said the oxygen emissions have not been tested, but the technology to live on Mars is now ready.”
Lansdrop said, ‘The basic infrastructure needed to live on Mars needs to be better designed and thoroughly tested. But we have that technology.

Photo credit: NASA

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