With great success, India has taken a step towards building houses on the moon.

The dream of building a house on the moon is going to come true this time!
With the great success of ISRO and IISC scientists, India has taken a step towards building houses on the moon.
Researchers in India are dreaming like that. They say that by making bricks from human urine and moon soil, a house can be built on the moon at a very low cost.
The world’s resources are running out fast.
Attempts are being made to settle on the moon and other planets, India has had great success in this regard.

Moon Mission Planning

Bricks for building houses on the moon are a joint venture of IISC and ISRO.
Indian scientists have developed a sustainable brick-like process for building homes on the moon. Scientists from the Indian Institute of Science or IISC in Bangalore and the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) have jointly created this brick-like object using glue from lunar soil, a type of bacteria, urea, and beans. These are called ‘space bricks’ or ‘space bricks’. Researchers at IISC have claimed that these can be used to create structures for housing on the surface of the moon.

For a long time space was out of human reach. The first space mission began in the last century. And as the Earth’s resources dwindle, scientists have already begun to think about settling on the moon and other planets. However, the main obstacle in building a settlement is carrying the material of the settlement average. At present, it costs around Rs 7.5 lakh to send an object weighing just one pound into space. So the scientists at ISRO and IISC wanted to create something for which almost no material had to be taken from the earth.

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IISC and ISRO scientists use urea as a raw material in the process, which is obtained from human urine. The soil of the moon will easily match the surface of the moon. One type of bacterium called ‘Bacillus velezensis ‘ may just have to be taken from the earth. They make crystals of calcium carbonate in a metabolic process known as the ureolytic cycle. : It uses urea and calcium to make these crystals out of the way. And maybe take some bin. From which the glue held firmly in these crystals. Like bricks, this material can be molded into any shape ‘space bricks’. A common problem of shots completely solves this problem.

Alok Kumar, an associate educator in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at IISC, said that in their ongoing exploration, scientists from two totally separate orders of science and mechanical building have cooperated. Alok Kumar of IISC and Kaushik Bishwanathan were joined by two ISRO researchers – Arjun Dey and I Venugopal.

If they want, this method can be used to make sustainable bricks in the world. However, Alok Kumar said that work is underway to increase the strength of these bricks. They will do some more tests to see if the bricks will survive an earthquake on the moon. This time, Indian scientists have come up with the idea that building a house on the moon will be much easier, they claim.

image credit : nasa

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