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The annular solar eclipse will happen when the moon will block the sunlight and cast a shadow over Earth. The 2021 annular solar eclipse event will take place at 01:42 PM (IST) and will last until 6.41 pm IST in most of the areas. The duration of this solar eclipse at Greatest Eclipse is said to be around 3 minute and 51 seconds.

Solar Eclipse 2021 🔴Live Video👇

Solar Eclipse 2021 Today Live Updates:

The first solar eclipse of this year will appear today starting at 1.42 pm, but it will not be visible in India. So, get ready to witness the ‘Ring of Fire’ as it will also be partially visible from some parts of India. Those who are based in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh will be able to see this rare astronomical phenomenon. They will start witnessing the solar eclipse at 12:25, as per the map published by NASA.

On Thursday June 10, 2021, people across the Northern Hemisphere will have the opportunity to experience an annual or partial eclipse of the Sun.

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon moves between the sun and the earth, casting a shadow on the earth, blocking or completely blocking sunlight in some parts. During an angular eclipse, the moon appears much farther from the earth in a sky that is smaller than the sun.

Since the moon does not block the entire view of the sun, it will look like a dark disk on above of a larger, brighter disk. This makes it look like a ring of fire around the moon. People from different parts of Canada, Greenland and northern Russia will experience the annular Astronomical beauty.

In some places, visitors will not see this ring around the moon. Instead they will experience a partial solar eclipse. This happens when the sun, moon and earth are not aligned at all. A dark shadow will appear only on the surface of the sun. Visitors in parts of East America and northern Alaska will see a partial solar eclipse on June 10, along with much of Canada and parts of the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and northern Africa.  

In the United States, partial eclipses will be visible in southeastern, northeastern, midwestern, and parts of northern Alaska. In many of these locations, the eclipse will occur before, during, and shortly after sunrise.This means that viewers need to get a clear view of the horizon at sunrise to watch the eclipse.

A partial solar eclipse is seen as the Sun rises behind the United States Capitol Building, Thursday, June 10, 2021, as seen from Arlington, Virginia. The annular or “ring of fire” solar eclipse is only completely visible in Greenland, Northern Russia, and Canada. 

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