NASA has Chosen Places for Humans to Live on Mars

NASA chose human settlements place on Mars. Where will the future astronauts land on Mars?

If the ‘Red Planet’ lands somewhere on Mars, it will not be a problem for people to get water. Which will not only set foot on the chest of Mars. In the future, it will also help the people of the world to build one settlement after another.

NASA has also made a detailed map of those places. The location of the places, all the details of the direction are also shown. This is the first time it has been possible to make such a detailed map of the possible future human habitation on the Red Planet.

The research paper on that map was published on Monday in the international science journal Nature Astronomy.

Red Planet
Photo credit – NASA

The amount of water still on Mars, scientists estimate, is mostly at the two poles of the red planet. In particular, in the polar regions of the northern hemisphere of Mars. That water is not even below the surface of the earth, so you have to sweat a lot to get it up.

However, the water is not in a liquid state, scientists say. That water is in the state of ‘ice water’. The water has frozen to ice. However, when it melts in the heat, it comes out even though it is a little liquid in the surroundings.

Cultivation in water, water can be rocket fuel

If human settlements are to be built on the Red Planet in the future, how can this water be used?Gautam Chattopadhyay, a senior scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and JPL’s team leader in NASA’s mission to Europe on Jupiter’s moon ‘Europa’, said: (Come).

This work has gained more momentum since 2015. As a result, for the first time, it has been possible to map out a comprehensive map of many such places. “According to Gautam, this is a very important study. If the traces of microorganisms are found on Mars in the coming days, then they are most likely to be found in and around these areas.

Gautam says, “This water is not the only thing that can meet the drinking water shortage of our settlement in the future; It can also be farming. Even rocket fuel can be made from this water by extracting hydrogen and oxygen gas. In order to return to Earth from Mars, rocket fuel does not have to be sent from Earth anymore. This will reduce the weight of the spacecraft. Energy will be saved. Costs will also be reduced. This water from Mars will provide the fuel for the return rocket.

mars planet Earth from Mars find water storage information in places
Subsurface Water Ice Mapping
Another design of Mars houses. Photo courtesy of credit : nasa

How to find water storage information in places?

Alok Chattopadhyay, Senior Manager, Nisar Mission at NASA JPL, says, (MGS) This map has been researched on the basis of the information provided. A long time ago, NASA undertook a project to make this map. Its name is “Subsurface Water Ice Mapping” (Swim).

Where is the most water storage on Mars?

According to Alok and Gautam, the water in the North Pole and adjacent areas of the Red Planet is in ice. There are also a number of plains called Arcadia planicia and glacial valleys (Deuteronilas mens) at shallow depths of ample ice water surface.

photo credit : nasa

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