NASA Releases First Audio and Video From Mars: Video of ‘Seven Minutes of Terror’ while Touching the Red Planet

NASA released a video of ‘Seven Minutes of terror‘ while touching the red planet.

Since 1975, the US space agency has conducted 20 Mars missions Perseverance is thought to be the most successful

We see Mars sitting from Earth! That video is in front of my eyes. The sound of the wind coming to the ears of the second-smallest planet in the solar system. Today, the US space agency NASA has taken technology to this place for scientific research.

NASA shared a video of the Perseverance Rover landing on the Red Planet on social media. This cosmic view has fascinated the whole world. Seven months ago, NASA’s Mars spacecraft flew from Earth to Mars The rover was able to touch the ground of Mars with a red and white parachute on 18 February. The rover’s high-definition camera has been able to successfully capture the Mars landing site at the Jezero Crater.

“The 10-second sound you can hear is the sound of the actual Mars wind. Which was recorded by a microphone and sent to Earth. Michael Watkins, director of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said of the 3 minutes 25 second video, “This is the first time such an event has been captured on camera.

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sound of the actual Mars wind

The video starts 230 seconds after entering the uppermost atmosphere of Mars. The speed of the spacecraft was 12,000 miles per hour / 20,100 kilometers per hour.

NASA’s rover ‘Perseverance’ sent out a video of those Seven Minutes of Terror before the red planet touched Mars. This is the first time a spacecraft has sent a video of the most terrifying episode of landing on another planet. The video released by NASA at a press conference in Pasadena Monday night. Which started at 12:30 am and lasted till 2 am.

The start of the video shows a shocking event. A cylinder of nylon, 18 inches long and 26 inches wide, suddenly began to extend. Then, in the atmosphere of Mars, that small cylinder blossomed into a giant parachute 70 and a half feet wide. Such a large parachute civilization has never sent to the Red Planet before. Then began the moment of thorns. NASA Lander and the rover ‘Perseverance’ started landing on this parachute. Its height from the ground of Mars is only seven miles /11 kilometers. After that, it started to go down slowly.

As seen in the video, when the speed of the NASA lander 3 meters per second, dust seen rising from the chest of Mars. The rover’s microphone also records and sends this sound. No other spacecraft has been able to send pictures and sounds of dust flying before.

Since 1975, the US space agency has conducted 20 Mars missions. Perseverance is thought to be the most effective. Scientists at NASA headquarters overjoyed when the Perseverance Rover landed on Mars. Perseverance Rover will stay on Mars next two years. Will dig the soil and collect pebbles from the soil. Maybe find a life!

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