NASA Throws 3 Tons of Waste(space debris ) into Space! Do Scientists Fear any Danger?

Scientists have long feared that space debris could become a major challenge for future worlds. In this situation, it was learned that the US space agency NASA has recently thrown a huge amount of waste into space.

space debris NASA Throws 3 Tons of Waste into Space

Over all its weighs 2.9 tons! This is the first time so much waste has thrown into space. The debris was thrown from the International Space Station last week. One of them is a discarded battery.

What will happen to this waste in the future?

The question is, could there be a direct threat to human civilization? Scientists said that the waste would orbit the Earth for the next 24 years. Later it will enter the Earth’s atmosphere. This does not mean that it can hit the ground. In fact, as soon as it enters the atmosphere, it will burn and turn to ashes. So there is no such danger.

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However, scientists are not ruling out the possibility of other dangers from space-waste. There is a danger of any piece of this waste colliding with the artificial satellites that are constantly orbiting the earth.

NASA Throws 3 Tons of Waste into Space |space debris

It is known that a total of 160 million pieces of space-waste are orbiting the earth at the moment. Their speed is 18 thousand miles per hour. However, most of them are very small in size. There is no possibility of danger from them. But at least 1 million of them are more than 1 centimeter in length. Fear of them.

space earth satellite

Scientists fear that even if one of them collides with a satellite, there could be a great danger. Satellite service technology around the world could be disrupted. At the moment, 2,800 satellites are orbiting the earth. 3 thousand canceled satellites are orbiting with him.

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