One Super Giant Black Hole Of 10 Billion Solar Masses Missing From One Massive Galaxy

Missing ‘Great monster’ from the center of the galaxy Abell-2261, the search again

A giant black hole seems to have disappeared. where did it go, Rob has risen all over the world. An intensive search is going on. But in no way does the fate of that giant black hole tick match. Even with the advertisement for ‘Lost Receipt Missing’, you can’t find that giant!

Abell-2261 galaxy
This is the Abell-2261 Galaxy. The giant has disappeared unnoticed from its center. Photo credit: NASA

Postman’s Missing Diary!

The first “Missing Diary” was made a decade ago by Mark Postman, an astronomer at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STI) in Baltimore, Maryland. In his research paper published in an international science-journal. After doing so, the ‘Missing Diary’ was read in that way from 2012. No one has been able to trace the whereabouts of the missing monster. The process of investigation and search seemed to have gone awry. A recent study published in the science journal Astrophysical Journal resumed the search.

10 times the Milky Way’s Abell-2261 Galaxy

Postman discovered a giant (supergiant) galaxy in the universe by looking at galaxy clusters in the universe with the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). His name is ‘Abell-2261’. In size which is 10 times larger than our Milky Way galaxy. She has another costume name. ‘A2271-BCG’.

He saw that the Abell-2261 galaxy was the brightest in the galaxy.

At the very center of each galaxy is a giant monster. And the black hole in the center of the galaxy swallows the stars around it. Gograse. During that meal, two types of light waves emanating from the center of a galaxy. X-rays and radio jets. For them, the center of a galaxy becomes luminous. And if the traces of that light match, it is understood that the giant is at the center of the galaxy.

Darkness in the center of the galaxy!

The Postman saw a galaxy so bright that it had no light at its center. Good to say, absolutely pitch dark. While searching for the answer to this question, Postman saw that the giant (‘supermassive black hole’) at the center of the galaxy had disappeared from the center of the galaxy Abell-2261.

There was a lot of noise after Postman’s ‘post’. But nothing worked. The missing monster remained out of reach.

The monster is still missing, the search begins again

Where did it go? How did the giant disappear from the center of the galaxy Abell-2261?

In the recent research paper, his search has started again.

Professor Sandeep Chakraborty, head of the Indian Center for Space Physics (ICSP) in Kolkata, said: “There are two possibilities in the study. However, the researchers could not be sure which is correct. That is why they could not reveal the whereabouts of the missing monster.

The first possibility

The giant supermassive black hole in the center of the galaxy, with its impossibly gluttonous nature, has become utterly depressed without food! After the formation of the galaxy, as much as there was gas around them, they ate all the gograss and grew into a giant. He became a giant. But now there are no stars or gas near it. So his food needs are not being met.

How much does he need to eat?

In Sandeep’s words, “the monster (‘Sajitaria-a *’) in the center of our Milky Way is also practically starving.” He needs food that weighs as much as 2,000 times a year. However, now we get about 2/3 of the world’s weight of food per year. The same is true of the giant at the center of the Abell-2261 galaxy. He needs at least 20 stars equal to the weight of the sun a year. But now get 2 or 3 if it is too much. They are not coming near him, gas. His food. So X-rays and radio jets are not coming out. That’s why the center of the Abel-2261 galaxy may be so dark. “

The second possibility

The Abell-2261 galaxy is vast. It is an elliptical galaxy. That is to say, this vast galaxy was born as a result of a collision between two spiral galaxies in the distant past. As a result, the two giant giants at the center of the two galaxies also came very close together.

In Sandeep’s words, “the two giants may have been very close. Maybe that’s why no one can be seen separately. If it had been a little farther, one would not have been found, but the other might have been seen. “

Great monster increased their danger?

According to Sandeep, the two giants have increased their danger by making this confrontation. They became giants by eating the gas near them and the gogras of the stars. But now they have kicked the surrounding stars and pushed them far away.

“As a result, the two giants are no longer getting the food they need. So they both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. Maybe that’s why it’s so dark in the center of the Abell-2261 galaxy, “says Sandeep.

Experts say that if all these possibilities are followed along the way, the search for the missing monster may come together in the coming days. If not, at least that’s how they disappeared. How did they disappear? Why are we still out of reach?

Photo credit: NASA

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