Our Solar System Look Like From 250 Million kilometers away

How to see the earth from the sun? The video was taken by NASA, ESA’s spacecraft

I see the sun every day. But what exactly does this habitable blue planet look like to us from an area close to the sun? What do five other planets in the solar system look like?

Parker Solar Probe
image source :nasa

This is the first time that picture was taken. Absolutely from the ‘neighborhood’ of the sun. The spacecraft took this picture at a distance of 250 million kilometers from the earth. Orbiting the sun in different orbits, NASA and 3 missions of the European Space Agency (ESA) have taken video of different planets in the solar system, including the Earth. The pictures were taken on November 18, according to NASA.

As it orbits the sun, NASA‘s Parker Solar Probe, the Solar and Terrestrial Relations Observatory, and NASA and ESA‘s Solar Orbiter Helios have taken pictures of our entire solar system, including the Earth.

 pictures of our entire solar system

The brightest image in that picture is Mercury (on the far left). The world is in the middle. On the right is the ‘red planet’ Mars. Star stars in the back. In addition, images are taken by NASA spacecraft, also show the planets Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn.

video courtesy of NASA.

This picture of the entire solar system, including the Earth, was taken by NASA, ESA spacecraft.

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