Raja Chari of Indian descent will go to the space station

NASA will send four astronauts to the International Space Station ISS by launching a SpaceX rocket in September this year. The name of the mission is ‘SpaceX Crew-3’.For now, NASA and therefore the European space agency ESA have selected three people for this. one among them is Raja Chari, an American Air Force colonel of Indian descent. 

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the complete name is king john Barputur Chari. Graduated from the US Air Force, MIT and US Naval pilot School. At the age of 55, Rajar has 2500 hours of flying experience. He joined NASA in 2016. After two years of training, he is now a full-fledged astronaut.
America wants to send people to the moon again in 2024. This time a woman will set foot on the moon. The king is also associated with that expedition. Before that, he will have the experience of going into space for the first time next autumn in the space ‘SpaceX Crew-3’ mission.
SpaceX’s rocket will go to ISS for the third time with this. King and NASA astronaut Tom Marshburn will be the commander and pilot in the two episodes of the tour. They will be joined by Matthias Maurer of ESA. The fourth passenger will be selected the next day. They will spend six months in ISS.


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