Scientists Find out that Galaxies Reach an Unusually Fast Age (ALESS 073.1 )

Until recently, astronomers thought that galaxies evolved at a very slow movement. Scientists have learned that galaxies reach an unusually fast age( ALESS 073.1)

Birth, growth, and decay-these three stages determine the stability of anything in the universe. And in this case, the calculation of age plays a very important role. This explains how a soul or object will evolve at any stage in time. The galaxy is no exception(ALESS 073.1). The measurement of this age is a very complex issue, especially in his case. Why not, it is constantly changing, it is creating little by little.

Until recently, astronomers thought that galaxies evolved at a very slow pace. Why they came to this conclusion. Before we know what is in a galaxy and how it formed. roughly speaking, the cosmic chaos that arose in the early stages of the creation of the universe. As a result, various types of gas freeze in space, constellations are formed and gas released. The next step is to create a galaxy.

What do galaxies usually contain?

A variety of revolving discs, spiral arms, and constellations are three very common features of a galaxy. These constellations are usually at the center of the galaxy, usually in a collision with each other.

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Until recently, scientists thought that all of these signs were of an adult or fully formed galaxy. But when scientists discovered all these features in a galaxy called ALESS 073.1. Using the Atacama Large Millimeter / Submillimeter Array. They are shocking!


Why not, this galaxy is not very old! Cardiff University astronomer Dr. Federico Lely said. He said the galaxy is still in a state of flux, with little by little being create. Therefore, there is a need to rethink All the information that has been around for so long about the evolution of galaxies and their motion.

( ALESS 073.1 galaxy )The various rotating disks, spiral arms, and constellation positions of the galaxy. Proved that galaxies are evolving very quickly. That’s why Lely commented: “This observation is going to have a far-reaching effect on future research into space!”

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