Artemis: According to NASA’s plan, the first woman will set foot on the moon by 2024

The US space agency NASA has officially announced the details of their plan to send people back to the moon. The 28 billion project plans to return to the moon by 2024. This is the first time a woman will set foot on the moon as part of this mission.

NASA has named this project Artemis. After the first manned landing on the moon in 1982, NASA will send a man and a woman to the moon in this project.

But NASA says it needs to hand over 3.2 billion to Congress in a timely manner to keep its planned timetable, because they need to make a timely landing to land on the moon.

The astronauts will travel in a capsule like Apollo, named Orion. A rocket called SLS will launch it.

Jim Brydenstein, a NASA administrator, said on Monday: “NASA will spend 28 billion over the next four years to land Artemis on the moon. The budget for the Artemis project includes the cost of launching the SLS, the cost of the Orion, as well as the cost of manned landing on the moon and the cost of the astronauts’ space suits.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat President Conte’s government. If we don’t get this money on time, we won’t be able to achieve our goal of landing on the moon for the second time by 2024. “

The US House of Representatives has already passed a bill approving 600 million to build a vehicle to land on the moon. But NASA needs more money to make the spacecraft perfect.

Mr. In July 2019, Brydenstein told CNN TV that she would be the first woman to walk on the moon in 2024. “Someone who has experience in space travel – who has already been to an international space station.” He added that someone from the astronaut group would be selected for the mission.

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During that interview, the names of 12 female astronauts came to the fore. Since then, five more female astronauts have been listed by NASA. After completing their training earlier this year, they joined NASA. However, it is not yet clear whether they will be able to prepare for the mission within the next four years by meeting the eligibility criteria.

Asked about the timing of the astronaut selection for Artemis, the NASA chief said they wanted to select the team of astronauts at least two years before the first mission was sent.

However, he said: “It is important to start the selection process early on who will go to Artemis as an astronaut. Another reason is that I think it will also serve as an inspiration.”

The White House is also keen to send astronauts back to the moon, as the United States seeks to re-establish its leadership in space exploration.

NASA plans to collect valuable samples of ice and water that have accumulated at the moon’s south pole. It may be possible to make fuel for rockets on the moon at low cost. If this can be done, there will be no need to carry fuel for rockets from Earth and it will create a foundation for the lunar economy.


But Vice President Mike Pence is concerned about China’s space ambitions. In January 2019, East Asian superpower China made a comfortable landing of a robotic rover deep inside the first moon. China is now preparing to send its first mission to deliver lunar soil samples to the Earth’s laboratory.

China is now building a new generation of spacecraft for Chinese astronauts, capable of being sent to the moon. Although there is no indication that China will be able to build the spacecraft by 2024, it is expected that China will go a long way towards that goal in this decade.

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NASA’s new document outlines the first phase of the American plan to send unmanned spacecraft to the moon. The first phase is Artemis One, which will be launched in the fall of 2021.

Kathy Lloyders, head of flights with NASA astronauts, said it would take Artemis about a month to examine the various complications.

He says the test will identify potential risks for Artemis-Tour and try to address them. Artemis-II will carry out similar missions with astronauts orbiting the moon.

The Orion spacecraft will be manned by the astronauts themselves after it is detached from the launch rocket. So an additional test mission is being arranged to make that journey smooth. This test mission will test Orion’s mechanical skills and the quality and performance of various components.

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source: nasa

Then Artemis-III will go to the moon with astronauts. Forty-six years before Apollo 16 landed on the moon, this will be the American lunar mission where astronauts will once again set foot on the moon.

NASA has hired several companies to design landing vehicles.

NASA will build a camp for astronauts called Artemis Base Camp later this decade as part of its long-term plan that will have the infrastructure to conduct long-term missions to the moon.

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