The First Person is Going to Set Foot on the Red Planet Mars|Alyssa Carson

From a Childhood Dream to The First Person On Mars. Alyssa Carson will be set foot on the red planet first. A 19-year-old girl is now saying the dream comes true!

The cartoon series ‘The Backyardigans’ has his favorite since childhood. As shown in one of the episodes of that animated cartoon series, five friends went on a tour of Mars together. They ride on the imaginary time machine and go to the red planet. That episode cuts a scar on little Alyssa’s mind. Little Alyssa is curious about Mars. That curiosity later birth to dreams. How many times since Alyssa has turned to the red planet in that imagination!

Little Alyssa had only one dream. Will go to the red planet one day. Mr. Bert Kurtson danced with joy when little Alyssa told his father about his wish for the first time. For the red planet, the heart of the father and daughter should start beating together from that day. Take seven-year-old Alyssa to a space camp in Huntsville, Alabama. Starting from that.

Now you must understand, Who am I talking about?! Alyssa Carson. He will be the first man to set foot on Mars. To make his dream come true, he had to keep his goal fixed for years. In 2013, at the age of 12, Alyssa made history by getting a passport to enter all of NASA’s visitor camps.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield said in 1989 that people could set foot on Mars if they wanted to. He thought that people could set foot on Mars by relying on the technology of the sixties. Now the technology is much better. However, after setting foot on Mars, the astronauts are in danger. Astronauts are much less likely to return from Mars. However, Alyssa is not afraid of these small risks.

Alyssa Carson will be on Mars for two to three years. Exploration, tree plantation, soil testing, search for life and water, all he has to do alone. Understand, what a big challenge! But Alyssa doesn’t see it as a challenge. Says, it’s like a dream come true.

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Image Credit:Alyssa Carson

Alyssa will be going to Mars in 2033. Alyssa Carson will be 33 years old then. Until then, of course, the technology will be more advanced. And NASA has started all preparations to bring Alyssa back to Earth.

The Curiosity rover sent by NASA found water on Mars. Researchers thought Mars was cold and dry. But the information provided by Curiosity Rover changed their perception. Scientists believe that there is a special type of salt on Mars. That salt helps the water reach a point below the freezing point. Alyssa will do many more experiments in search of water on Mars.

The average distance from Earth to Mars is about 140 million miles. Although this distance is maintained for most of the time, every 15 years the Earth and Mars move closer and closer. Then the distance is about 33.9 million miles. This happened in 2016. After 15 years, in 2033, Earth and Mars will come closer again. At that time NASA wants to send Alyssa.

Alyssa has to take a lot of training before going to Mars. Microgravity, lack of oxygen causes many changes in the body and many more. He has to deal with those problems. Moreover, floating in the air day after day is also a big challenge. Alyssa has been training for many years. For dreams.

Completely alone in a new environment. Far away from the human world. What will be his experience! Alyssa, born in Hammond, Louisiana, USA. She is getting the opportunity to do the work, that no human can do His dream will come true. Alyssa is already saying, the dream comes true!

Credit:Alyssa Carson

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