There will be no Difference in Measuring the Time of 1400 Crore Years. Indias First Optical Atomic Clock

Shubhdeep goes to form the impossible possible by his own efforts! Wherever there’s an impossibly naughty, restless ‘child’, Subhdeep Dey of Burdwan will make it absolutely numb, awkward! getting to make an atomic clock. Which is named ‘trapping and cooling’ in scientific terms.

Shubhdeep also reminded us that the clock never measures time, the frequency of the waves created by the oscillation of a pendulum or quartz isn’t in our head.

Shubhdeep’s watch will be the rescuer

Without the atomic clock that Shubhdeep is building, it will not be possible to build a fully secure internet and telecommunication system in the future by protecting it from hackers. Just as important secret information of defense and space missions will remain unprotected.

Wall clocks, wristwatches works that way

Call it the current quartz glass wristwatch or our breathable table clock or wall clock, no matter how much time you put in, it slows down a bit after a while. So you have to breathe on the wall clock at regular intervals. But if you swing that pendulum too loudly or too slowly, there is danger again. He could not keep up with the right time and fell behind.

Like pendulums, quartz crystals now operate on watches with increasing and decreasing voltages due to voltage fluctuations. But as the regular appearance increased and decreased, that crystal also became breathless. In the same way, it loses its ability to grow and decrease. Then even that watch cannot keep step with the days. At one point it became obsolete.

Shubhdeep’s surprise watch

But the atomic clock that Shubhdeep is making doesn’t make any mistake in measuring the time of the universe which is about 1.4 billion years old. This watch is perfect for measuring the time of billions of years. It goes without saying that there is no change in time. However, that is less than a second. So this atomic clock does not know how to fall backward.

In scientific terms, the name of this watch is ‘Optical Atomic Clock’. In the future, it might not be possible to create a fully-fledged quantum telecommunications system to guard it against hackers. Because the success of the keynote of security depends on accurate time stamping. 

The disobedient child sit in silence!

 In making that atomic clock, Shubhdeep was ready to tie a disobedient, mischievous particle in one place, like an impossibly strong and really naughty child. As if forced him to sit in silence in one place!

But what will happen if he sits quietly, his restless thoughts did not go away. Say ‘blood is hot’! Even then, the heat of his body did not decrease. No less energy. Shubhdeep’s ‘rule’ has been forced to remain silent without rushing in whichever direction he wants.

How did that particle become dead?

Even after that, Subhdeep showed ‘Vanumati’s game’. The ‘blowing of anger’ inside has cooled that particle. So much so that his body temperature has dropped to less than one-tenth of the freezing cold in space.

Shubhdeep has ‘cooled down’ the powerful particle in such a way that even that naughty particle has become absolutely dead, awkward. The power of movement is completely lost. Subhdeep has been seized and completely subdued.Good luck! Otherwise, it would not have been possible for Shubhdeep to make that atomic clock.

‘Quest’ and the atomic clock

The ‘Quantum Enhanced Science and Technology (Quest)’ project funded by the Union Ministry of Science and Technology (DST) for the development of Quantum Computing, Communication and Technology in the country is underway at the Inter-University Center for Astronomy and Astronomy in Pune. Research is an important part of it. The name of his project is ‘Optical Clock Based Accurate Time Stamping in Quantum Communication’.

Nobel laureate scientist David Vineland teaches the technique of making an atomic clock

In the process of measuring the time of the universe from Burdwan

Growing up in Kalibazar in Burdwan city, Shubhdeep went on to do his M.Sc in Physics from the local Municipal High School and Vivekananda College and went to IIT Khargpur. He then went on to do his PhD at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. Postdoctoral at the Joint Quantum Institute of America. He started working at the National Physical Laboratory in Delhi. He joined Ayuka in Pune a few months ago.

The novelty of Shubhdeep’s work

Shubhdeep did the work with an ion of a special element. He has chosen the positive ion of Ytterbium. Because his nature and character are the same everywhere in the universe. The outermost shell of the Ytterbium atom contains two electrons. When excited in any way by the external energy, they come out of the shell and turn the Ytterbium atom into a positively charged ion.

Shubhdeep brought out one of the two electrons and showed ‘Vanumati’s game’. To do that, he casts a beam of very powerful laser beams on the ytterbium atom. It has formed ytterbium ions

The Atomic Aven in which Shubhdeep caused all these incidents had a temperature of 525 degrees Kelvin (Kelvin (K), which is called absolute zero temperature, is 263 degrees Celsius below zero). As a result, the ion is very hot then. The power has also increased a lot. And that is where his tumultuous mischief began. He is running towards this. Like a very disobedient child.

But the laser beam is very narrow. The very strong disobedient Ytterbium ion is then moving so fast that it can’t be caught by any narrow beam. 

So Shubhdeep had to steer the trail of ‘ion trapping’. in order that the naughty child who is running around are often quietly delivered to an area. That beam is falling right into space. It has been created by creating a special kind of electric field.

In the ‘rule’ of Shubhdeep, the body temperature did not decrease even after the Eterbeam ion came and sat within the boundary of the laser beam amounting to only 30 microns. No less energy. The naughty child is forced to sit in silence, but inside him, there is intense insanity to run.

So this time Shubhdeep had to reduce the body temperature of the seemingly subdued Ytterbium ion in a fancy way. In laser cooling method. The temperature of the Ytterbium ion at normal room temperature has been reduced by one lakh by laser cooling.

Which is many times more than the freezing cold of space. The itarbium ion has become inanimate in it. Lost the power of his movement. In very cold we lose the power of such movement.

Cooling the strong Ytterbium ion reduces its energy so that its frequency can be measured accurately. That is the pendulum to run the atomic clock of Shubhdeep! Here, even as a wristwatch or a clock recedes with time, the atomic clock that Shubhdeep is making doesn’t change time because the religions of the Ytterbium ion do not change.To put it simply, measuring the time of a 1.4 billion-year-old universe could take up to a second.

Important in of the country’s defense

Shubhdeep told Anandabazar Digital that the task of making such a perfect atomic clock is very complicated. Attempts to make this watch in various technologies and to make it more perfect have been going on all over the world for almost a century. Since 1944, a dozen Nobel Prizes have been awarded for significant contributions in this field alone.

He also worked with one of them while in America. It is clear how complicated the work is. Developed countries like America, Britain, Germany, Japan, France, Italy, and Canada have been able to make this nuclear clock. China, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, and South Korea are also trying. India also needs to build this nuclear clock with its own technology for defense. The need for the atomic clock is additionally undeniable so as to create quantum computers, quantum internet, and quantum telecommunication systems in India. Shubhdeep has made an enormous bet to save lots of us from hackers by cooling the naughty child during a fancy way.Sure to win.

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