This time NASA rover will land on Mars by pressing the magnificent parachute made by Burdwan.

Soumya Dutt of Burdwan has made a giant parachute as high as 15 people stand on top of each other. The US space agency NASA has placed a bet on Burdwan’s son for a safe landing on the Red Planet.NASA’s ‘Mars 2020 Rover’ Perseverance and Lander will land on the chest of Mars by pressing that parachute.

Curiosity parachute!

NASA has never sent such a big parachute to the red planet before. The Curiosity Rover, which landed on the Red Planet 9 years ago with a parachute, is not only snug to the parachute this time, but also technically ‘outdated’. Without such a parachute, Mars 2020 rover and lander would not have been able to land safely on the chest of Mars.

This time the miracle of this parachute can be seen on Mars.

NASA rover
source: NASA photo credit : nasa

Going down from the rocket so that disaster does not happen

A majestic aerospace engineer at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Virginia told Anandabazar Digital that there was a special need to build such a large parachute this time. This is because no orbiter will orbit the Red Planet to land the lander and rover on Mars. The rocket on which the Mars 2020 lander and rover has been launched this time will enter the orbit directly from Earth to Mars. After that it will start descending quickly to the red planet.

All the parachute experiments that have been done in the laboratory, see the video

When the rocket has a height of 125 kilometers from the back of Mars (‘surface’) then the speed of the rocket will be 5 and a half kilometers per second. It is not possible to reduce the speed of the lander and rover by landing on Mars from the rocket at this speed. Although the Red Planet is thin, it has an atmosphere, so landings and rover launches at that speed can cause accidents. They can burn in collisions with the atmosphere of Mars. That is why a special type of heat shield has been made, said Soumya.

In Saumya’s words, “the speed of the lander and rover will be about twice the speed of sound (1.75 times) during landing.” This state-of-the-art parachute is needed to slow down and gradually land the lander and rover safely on the red planet. It will take about 1 to 2 seconds to open the 21 and a half meter diameter parachute. This is the largest supersonic parachute sent to Mars. As soon as the parachute opens, the radar camera will start taking pictures of where it is possible to land safely.

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source: NASA photo credit : nasa

This way the parachute will open in 1 to 2 seconds.

The way from Burdwan to Mars …

Although he was born in Burdwan city, his father’s job has changed his place many times since his childhood. He spent the first part of his school life in Dehradun and Mumbai. Then from the sixth grade of school in America. He holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree from the University of Tennessee at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He joined NASA‘s Langley Research Center as an aerospace engineer seven years ago. In 2013.

Burdwan’s name became involved in NASA’s Mars mission due to his majesty. The work of Bengali technologists was recognized in NASA’s recent mission to the Red Planet.

Photo credit :NASA

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